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Maurienne Valley: 215 million for railway interconnection works

At the beginning of February 2023, SNCF Réseau awarded a € 215 million contract for the construction of the railway interconnection between the existing network and the Mont Cenis base tunnel. SNCF Réseau, which has already built the temporary station in the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne plain and continues activities associated with the Lyon-Turin project, operates in this area under an agreement with TELT.

The first contract

The first contract, worth € 189,500,000 was awarded to the EIFFAGE Génie-Civil / EIFFAGE GC Infra Linéaires / EIFFAGE RAIL group. It involves the creation of new railway platforms (1,500,000 m3 of railway embankments) for the new tracks, 15 km of retaining walls, 10 km of noise barriers, infrastructure for the future international station of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, the new viaduct over the river Arvan, several road repairs (RD1006, RD906, RD77, rue des Chaudannes) and hydraulic works for crossing the railway platform. The works, which will start in May 2023, are expected to take 9 years.

The second contract

The second contract includes carrying out studies and works on the tracks and the overhead line, which will take almost 4 years, for a total of approximately EUR 24 million. It has been awarded to the TSO SAS / TSO Caténaires / OFFROY / SAGES RAIL consortium. The project involves the construction of 26 switches, 11 km of track, the installation of 19,000 sleepers and 52,000 tons of ballast. Works on the overhead line includes the installation of 210 supports, 16 km of overhead line, 7 km of overhead protection cables and 23 km of feeder (a cable used to reinforce the overhead line).

Work already completed

After opening the temporary multimodal hub in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in June 2022, SNCF Réseau continues work on the railway interconnection. Work is underway near the new station to prepare for the arrival of companies and their personnel by 2023. The railway junction, a railway flyover to connect the historic line and the future new line, is being built in Villargondran.

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