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Prevention and control

The new Lyon-Turin railway line is the first case in Europe of the application of anti-mafia legislation at a transnational level, regardless of the nationality of the worksites. This is an important result that has seen the participation of Italian and French specialists and lawyers.

Telt at Work
The binational organisation

In 2018, the Prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Region and the Prefect of Turin signed the agreement that gives to the binational structure the power to supervise Italian and French tenders.

The two prefects work in parallel, sharing information and acting with the support of the respective police forces, which can carry out joint checks and inspections in the construction site areas. The controls are not limited just to the level of the contractors, but extend to the entire subcontracting chain (even for contracts worth just 1 EUR).
The companies that have all their papers in order are added to a transnational White List, a sort of register of the entities that are eligible to work in the construction sites.

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