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Together in Europe

40% of the cross-border section of the Turin-Lyon railway line, part of the Mediterranean Corridor, is financed by the European Union under the Community programme for the construction of the Trans-European Transport Networks. The EU has focused on the construction of the TEN-T network, the railway metro line of Europe, which foresees 9 corridors to connect the entire continent in a fast, efficient and sustainable way.

Institutional partners

Politecnico di Torino
The Regio Politecnico di Torino was founded as an institution in 1906. Basing itself on the example of the great European schools, it followed different paths, weaving relations both with the scientific world, and with local and national industry. In 2009, it celebrated the 150th academic year since its foundation. It has increasingly become an international school, in which tradition and future, past and modernity intertwine.
Université Savoie Mont-Blanc
With 15,000 students, a wide range of multidisciplinary courses and nineteen internationally recognised research laboratories, the University of Savoy Mont Blanc combines a close bond with its local territories with a broader openness to Europe as a whole. The Chambéry site is part of the community of higher education institutions and research organisations of the Grenoble Academy.
Università di Torino
Founded in 1404 with a bull by Pope Benedict XIII, the consolidation of the University went hand in hand with the strengthening of the role of Turin as a subalpine capital. With the Gentile Reform of 1923, the University of Turin began to be administered and financed directly by the State. In recent years, the process of internationalisation and a constant attention to scientific research and teaching have led the University of Turin to rise to the top of the rankings in Italy.
Pacte PME
In January, TELT’s request to enter the association that has the goal of stimulating collaboration between large groups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises through observers, work groups and a database of suppliers, was accepted. Currently, the SME Pact includes public and private companies, including the SNCF, RATP, the City of Paris, Airbus, AirFrance, Total, Danone and Thales.
Founded in 1991, Transalpine brings together the main political and economic players of the Rhône-Alpes Region. The current objective of the Committee is to implement actions aimed at facilitating or accelerating the construction of the Turin-Lyon railway link, part of the Mediterranean Corridor, the only east-west axis that connects twenty leading European cities.
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