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The multimodal hub is up and running in Saint-Jean de Maurienne

On Monday 11 July 2022, the new ‘multimodal interchange hub’ of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, known as the temporary PEM, was inaugurated and has been operational since 14 June. The new temporary hub, built by SNCF Réseaux in agreement with TELT, replaces the old station during the period of work to connect the existing railway lines with the new Lyon-Turin base tunnel and will then be replaced by the final international station.

This new, modern station is designed to connect the various means of transport: the train, of course, but also buses, cars, taxis, two-wheelers and bicycles.

A special station

Thanks to its special, linear and slender appearance, the new passenger building connects the two possible accesses to the tracks and better compartmentalises the station’s features. The passenger building has a long central corridor dedicated to passenger flows, allowing a safe and comfortable journey for all users. On the city centre side, there is a large terrace, with furniture placed along the glass wall to allow comfortable waiting in the station with a view of the outside. On the platform side are the SNCF offices and ticket desks. Two lounge-type waiting areas are also available for passengers at both ends of the corridor. The new building is designed to adapt, if necessary, to the size of passenger flows according to season (low and high season).

The two international stations

The two international stations of the cross-border section, in Susa and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, will bring the Olympic mountains of the Susa Valley and the ski areas of the French Alps within a few hours of most European capitals. In Maurienne, the international TGV station will be the convergence point for all travel modes (train, bus, car, car-sharing, bicycle, etc.) and will eventually be equipped with an additional main line to Chambéry/Lyon and Susa/Turin.

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