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Water monitoring for Alpine underground works: differences and similarities between France and Italy

Authors: E. Luchetti, S. Viat & H. Besançon, P. Grieco & S. Bellingeri

The works for the construction of the 57 km Transalpine Base Tunnel of the Turin-Lyon railway link are subject to extensive monitoring of ground and surface water.

The purpose of the monitoring is to acquire the necessary knowledge of the natural context to guide the design choices towards less impactful solutions, to enable the facilities for the management of tunnel and platform water to be correctly sized and to anticipate the implementation of the measures to avoid or reduce the disturbance of water environments.

The monitoring carried out for the Base Tunnel complies with the regulatory framework imposed by the country in which the work takes place: France and Italy respectively.

This article analyses the similarities and dif- ferences between the two systems of water monitoring of the same work in two neighbouring countries.

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