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Telt - La Praz
Telt - La Praz

France base tunnel tender is nearing its final stage

The tender for the construction of the French side of the Lyon-Turin base tunnel, with a value of approximately €2.3 billion, is nearing its final stage.

Despite the pandemic, the tender committee has been working non-stop, with meetings held by videoconference, to analyse the huge amount of documents submitted by the candidates. Nearly 30,000 documents were submitted, requiring the participation of 70 people within TELT and the work management. Since June 2020, 120 meetings and 158 hours of negotiations with the bidders have taken place and the conclusion is expected by summer.
The tender for the Italian lot of the 12.5-km-long base tunnel of about €1 billion, continues.

At the same time, on behalf of TELT, Sitaf will award the contract for the construction of the new Chiomonte interchange on the A32 motorway, serving the Italian construction site of the base tunnel and for the relocation of the Susa car and truck terminal to San Didero.

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