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Vision rail: the role of rail in the vision of the Green Deal

In Europe, it is essential to push ahead with transport infrastructure projects to reduce traffic congestion and ensure CO2 reduction. In particular, we need to think about the legacy we will leave to future generations. As one of the solutions, we must focus on supporting the railways: we only have 9 years until 2030 to achieve our goals, but we can do it!

So said the coordinator of the Mediterranean Corridor, Iveta Radicova, opening The role of rail in the vision of the Green Deal” webinar“.

The meeting is part of the events for the European Year of Railways, and opens a cycle of three webinars on environment, technologies and intermodality, organised by TELT with other international partners.

The role of railway in the context of the Green Deal was also discussed by Eddy Liégeois, Head of Unit TEN-T Network of DG MOVE UE, Wojciech Sopinski, Advisor DG MOVE UE, the Director of TELT, Mario Virano, and Furio Bombardi, Managing Director Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor, moderated by the French journalist Vincent Edin. The webinar was attended by almost 700 people connected from a dozen countries.

The Mediterranean Corridor can contribute to reducing emissions, apply state-of-the-art digital solutions and make use of alternative fuels,” added the European coordinator. “It is not an easy task and we need knowledge, but a key aspect is the cooperation of all actors involved. Without a shared effort,” she added, “we will not be able to see the across-the-board effects of our actions.

Virano reiterated that the Lyon-Turin project “is completely on track for completion” and that “we do not necessarily have to wait until 2030 to start seeing the benefits. We are working to generate benefits already in the construction phase.”

And concerning the project Radicova stressed: “There is no doubt that the pros outweigh the cons. Decisions and evaluations have been made with regard to the Lyon-Turin line: the railway connection between Turin, the airports and associated areas is fundamental.”

This first meeting was also an opportunity to hear the voice of the younger generations: students from the Green Economy degree course at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples and pupils from the Italian-French high school in Pinerolo emphasised their interest in the development of the railways, stressing that the TENT-T network and the Lyon-Turin line affect them personally and represent an opportunity for their future.

This is why they asked for guarantees concerning the realisation of the project and the benefits it will bring to the territories.

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