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Vision rail: a debate on technology, sustainability and the future of major tunnels

Technology and engineering applied to major tunnels. This is the theme of the second appointment of Vision Rail, the cycle of seminars organised by TELT for the European Year of Rail sponsored by the EU Commission, together with BBT SE, LFP Perthus, Mediterranean Railway Freight Corridor, Port of Barcelona and Mercitalia.

From 10 to 11.30 a.m. on 17 September, experts and professionals from the sector will be participating live in the round table from the Accademia Albertina in Turin and via video link, discussing the technologies used for major tunnels in the past and planned for the future, with an eye to the sustainability and “durability” of the works. In order for the railway to become a valid alternative to road transport (in terms also of costs for operators and managers of the sections), it has to be able to assure increasingly high standards of technology, safety, speed and capacity and, above all, long-lasting infrastructures following the example of the Fréjus railway tunnel, which is still operational after 150 years.

Following the words of welcome from the President of the Accademia Albertina, Paola Gribaudo, the first part of the meeting will recall the feat of the Fréjus railway tunnel, which was inaugurated in 1871, and will discuss the technologies that made it possible to construct it in just 14 years, with speeches by Mario Virano, Director General of TELT, and Pasquale Cialdini, an expert in transport and infrastructure.

In the second part, professionals from TELT and BBT, moderated by journalist Fabrizio Apostolo, will discuss the future of technologies in the railway sector for the tunnels under construction between Italy, France and Austria. The third appointment, dedicated to intermodality and the factors influencing traffic scen