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san didero_maggio2023_drone_DJI_0531
san didero_maggio2023_drone_DJI_0531

San Didero construction site

Construction of the new car and truck terminal serving the Susa Valley between San Didero and Bruzolo, which will replace the current one in Susa.

In April 2021, the construction site for the new car and truck terminal was started.

The relocation of the car and truck terminal, which is necessary to build the Susa railway technical area, is being carried out by Sitaf on behalf of TELT. This area of approximately 68,000 square metres between the A32 motorway and the 25 “Mont Cenis” state road will house Sitaf’s new rest area and operating premises, which are essential to avoid queues of heavy vehicles heading for the Fréjus tunnel.


Construction of the new car and truck terminal

Work progress - april 2024

In this area, the demolition of the existing buildings and the preparation of all sub-services in view of the future preparation of the yard are in progress. Previously, all the internal road network, lighting and fencing for the construction site had been prepared.

Key data

68,000 sqm between San Didero and Bruzolo

5 parking and turning areas

2021: opening of the construction site

0.5% of the green area of San Didero

Engineering and construction companies

Sitaf, the concessionaire of the A32 Turin-Bardonecchia motorway, holds the contract for the works and design under an agreement signed with TELT.

The project

The project for the new car and truck terminal has been approved by all the competent bodies and has been developed from a green perspective in terms of materials, processes and technologies. The new car and truck terminal includes a truck station, a parking area for heavy vehicles, a service area and a new centralised control post. A new roundabout will connect the terminal to the state road, while access from the A32 motorway will be provided by two entry and exit ramps over the motorway.

The truck station forecourt will be surfaced with what is known as “smog-eating” asphalt and the area for refrigerated vehicles and camper vans will also be equipped with electrical power connections so that the vehicles can avoid having to keep their engine running to operate the refrigerator, thereby saving fuel and avoiding further emissions into the air. In the same spirit of eco-sustainability, the roofs of the covered car parks and part of the buildings will be covered with photovoltaic panels which will contribute to supplying most of the area’s energy needs. Some of the buildings will also have green roofs with grass and several green areas are planned.

Works completed

The area until 2021

The site where the new car and truck terminal facilities are being built has been unused since the 1970s, when some citizens had envisaged making it their own car and truck terminal. It had some dilapidated buildings and some vegetation, which had grown in the 40 years of abandonment of the area, on which waste and polluting drums had also been abandoned. As documented by a decision of the San Didero municipality dated 31 December 2008, the area was later reclaimed and restored by the owner.

News from the construction sites

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