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CHIOMONTE A32 svincolo
CHIOMONTE A32 svincolo

The Montcenis base tunnel: how to turn project environmental constraints into opportunities

Authors: S. Lione, L. Brino, P. Grieco, L. Pinchiaroglio, A. Mordasini

Security and safety concerns, mainly due to grassroots opposition in Italy, have led to the need to implement drastic changes in the Final Design for the construction phase of the new Lyon-Turin rail line.

Alternative solutions in the design of the Montcenis Base tunnel have included a reversal of the mechanized excavation direction in favour of a downhill path; a reduction of the space available for the main construction site, and a particularly complex logistical setup.

Faced with these challenges, the classic design approach has been over-turned in order to convert constrains into opportunities for the project, especially for the local regions and the environment.

These opportunities include a reduction in the use of soil, an increase in the proportion of the excavation conducted with mechanized means, and a wholly underground handling of “green” (asbestos-containing) rocks.

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