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TELT ON TRACK, equipment of the Mont Cenis railway tunnel

TELT presents his last operational phase of the Mont Cenis railway tunnel, an essential work for the Mediterranean Corridor of the European new TEN-T network on 20 April in Brussels.
Interested professionals and companies can participate remotely or in person by filling in the registration form at the link below by the 31st of March. You will receive a confirmation in both cases on the 5th of April.

While civil works are progressing in France and Italy with 1,400 people at work in ten operational construction sites, the public promoter of the project is preparing itself for the last tenders regarding its future infrastructure management missions, the railway systems, safety and technological equipment of the tunnel.

The international event is aimed at presenting to the companies with know-how in these sectors technical-economic-legal context of the next calls for bid with an estimated provisional value of €3 billion, the global timetable and safeguards put in place to ensure the respect for free competition, and enhancing the opportunities that will be available in the coming months.

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