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2023 Roadshow 

Presentation of the last tenders for the equipment and maintenance of the international section of the Lyon-Turin railway line


TELT, the binational company in charge of building the international section of the Lyon-Turin railway line, is preparing itself for the last tenders for the technological equipment of the Mont Cenis base tunnel.

This last operational phase of the most recent Alpine railway line – an essential work for the Mediterranean Corridor of the European TEN-T network – is the protagonist of the Roadshow organised by TELT on 20 April in Brussels.

TELT shall give an overview of the technical, economic and legal context of the next calls for bids of a total estimated amount of €3 billion, the high level schedule and measures aimed at ensuring free access to the upcoming opportunities and fair competition.

During this full day dedicated to international companies in the sector, there will also be thematic workshops on working methods, characteristics and requirements associated with this major European infrastructure.

Speeches, presentations and workshops: useful files

The following pieces of information are solely for general information purposes and companies, candidates or bidders shall solely rely on the information, specifications or requirements contained in the specific tender notices, tender documents or applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of the coming tender procedures. TELT shall not be held liable in the event of interpretation or misinterpretation, use or misuse of or reliance on the general information provided.

Alessandro Jannetti
Stéphanie Nicoud
Laura Carapellese
Olivier Maire
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