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TELT joins the UI Turin and MEDEF Savoie

TELT is joining the Unione Industriale di Torino and its counterpart, MEDEF Savoie, with the aim of promoting the values of entrepreneurship and binational interests and to highlight the role of the rail link on the Mediterranean Corridor, together with the value of the relations between the two countries and of the work that TELT is currently undertaking with governments, companies and communities.


“The public promoter of the Lyon-Turin base tunnel”, says the President of TELT, Hubert du Mesnil, “is responsible for the implementation of this very important work for the development of a high-performance European rail network, which will allow a real modal shift in the Alpine valleys and a sustainable development of human and economic relations between our countries. We look to the future and to the strengthening of ties between two countries, thanks to a project that will have a social, cultural and economic impact”.

“Being a member of the two associations”, adds TELT’s Director General, Mario Virano, “provides an opportunity to take in an industrial culture, to capitalise on the best entrepreneurial experiences of the two countries and to add our contribution as a binational company to the associations. Moreover, we hope that the Unione Industriale and MEDEF Savoie will be strong partners in helping us to share among the economic operators of the two territories the opportunities offered by the Lyon-Turin line. This will represent an important link for the companies that will be able to operate on the construction sites and in the satellite activities associated with the realisation of the infrastructure, which is fully in line with the European Green Deal”.

“The fact that TELT is a Member of our association”, says the President of the Unione Industriale di Torino, Giorgio Marsiaj, “increases its integration into the territory and enables our system to speak to public institutions with an even stronger voice in backing the need to complete the Lyon-Turin route quickly. We have always been convinced supporters of the project, a fact we have proven by taking to the streets twice to demonstrate in favour of an infrastructure that we consider strategic, given the close relations that our territory and businesses have with France, the second most important country in the world for Piedmontese and Italian exports. The pandemic will end. People, products and machinery will start moving freely again. We need this to happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I therefore extend my personal welcome to TELT”.

“We are honoured to welcome TELT among our members”, says Bernard Folliet, President of MEDEF Savoie. “By working to encourage employment on the territory, but also by stimulating an economic dynamic, TELT is a competent and committed company. Its dual nationality makes it an important European player”.

For the cross-border section of the Lyon-Turin line, 10 km of the tunnel through which trains will travel and 18.5% of the total 162 km of tunnels planned for the project have already been excavated.

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