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expo Dubai
expo Dubai

TELT at the Expo 2020 Dubai

TELT has been invited to participate in the 2020 World Expo in Dubai and its Director General, Mario Virano, spoke at the “Shaping the Future of Mobility” Forum, held on 3 November at 11:00 am (8:00 am in Italy), in the Amphitheatre of the Italian Pavilion.

Forum programme

The following topics were discussed: increasingly sustainable transportation systems through the development of technological innovations in the field of mobility and international logistics, but also through new infrastructures, essential to support multimodality, connect territories, reduce inequalities and be more competitive. After the welcome speech by the Italian Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, TELT Director General, Mario Virano, gave his speech during the session dedicated to the opportunities and perspectives for the development of sustainable multimodality in transportation system.

The forum, moderated by journalist Eithne Treanor, was attended by institutions’ representatives, recognised experts and managers from leading international companies. The aim was to highlight the principles of sustainable mobility (sustainability, safety, well-being, digitalisation, integration, collaboration) and the plans to design and build more modern, competitive and resilient infrastructures according to the objectives set out in the UN 2030 Agenda, the European Green Deal and the Recovery and Resilience Plan presented by Italy. The event was broadcast live on the official channels Padiglione Italia.

Urban and Rural Development

During the Expo Urban and Rural Development week, this forum of the Italian Pavilion focused on models of sustainable transport and mobility and, therefore, on the need to improve infrastructures to increase the quality of life and reduce territorial inequalities.

It also represented an opportunity to understand the current perspectives and innovations related to the challenge of multimodality and logistics (people/tourism and goods), with the aim of enhancing and enriching the framework of collaboration between the United Arab Emirates and Italy.

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