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Lionel Gros - TAW 5
Lionel Gros - TAW 5

Telt at work 5: a challenge between past and future

From the past, with initiatives to mark the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of the Fréjus tunnel, to the future, with the Quirinale Treaty signed by French President Macron and Italian Prime Minister Draghi, which lays new foundations for ever-closer cooperation between Italy and France, via the construction sites and technological challenges of the coming years. These are the topics covered in the fifth edition of TELT at Work, the Lyon-Turin magazine.


During the course of this year in which the contracts for the excavation of the entire French section of the base tunnel were awarded, work progressed on the various underground and open-air construction sites in the two countries: in October, more than a thousand people visited the construction sites in France during the Science Festival, while during those same days an exhibition at the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento in Turin celebrated the century and a half of the historic Fréjus tunnel, with a display of part of the TELT collection. In the ZOOM section, historian Walter Barberis recounts the story of this epic project, while in INSIDE, TELT’s new Deputy Director General for France, Lionel Gros, takes stock of the construction sites and explains the technological challenges facing the company in the next few years.

The magazine also examines the strengthening of relations between Italy and France in PLATFORM EUROPE, in which Sandro Gozi, French MEP for Renew Europe, comments on the potential of the Quirinale Treaty, stressing how cooperation between Paris and Rome is being strengthened on various issues, with enormous benefits for major infrastructure projects such as the Lyon-Turin. 

FUTURAMA then takes viewers on a tour of the new undersea railway tunnel that will link Helsinki in Finland to Tallinn in Estonia, through the account of entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka, while in ENVIRONMENT FIRST, Confindustria vice-president Maria Cristina Piovesana stresses the importance of sustainability as an integral part of the economic development brought about by major works such as the Lyon-Turin. This edition of the magazine concludes with an artistic dialogue in the OUTSIDER column between the dance schools of Turin and Lyon, in the form of interviews with Elena Rolla, choreologist of the EgriBiancoDanza company, and Blandine Martel Basile, artistic director of the Désoblique Lyon dance centre.

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