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TELT and Covid-19: health to work sites

Since March, as a result of the upsurge of the pandemic, TELT has arranged all work to ensure maximum health protection for workers and employees, and since November the promoter has activated TVB – Tout va bien in French and Ti voglio bene in Italian (Everything will be all right) – an internal newsletter to update and involve all employees.

The construction sites

In the construction sites, activities have been modified in line with the rules of social distancing, with reduced shifts during peak periods of the pandemic, and all operators have been equipped with masks and personal protective equipment. In particular, during the lockdown period, first in Italy and then in France, the construction sites in France continued their activities, albeit at a slower rhythm, with some stops of a few days necessary to adapt to the new measures to prevent Sars-CoV2 infection.

On the Italian side, the La Maddalena construction site, operational only for maintenance, was limited to emergency interventions throughout the lockdown period and then fully resumed its activities.

On all construction sites, very strict measures have been implemented in agreement with the companies involved to safeguard health and safety, following the guidelines of the authorities in the two countries. In addition to the use of masks and social distancing, dedicated routes have been created for workers, new areas have been equipped with toilets for breaks and meals, and specific briefings are provided before entry to the sites. 

The offices

In TELT’s offices, which have been periodically sanitised, remote working has been activated for all 170 employees, organising tender commissions and videoconference meetings. In addition, thermal scanners (in Italy) and sanitiser dispensers have been installed in the offices, whereas instructions for correct conduct, indication of the capacity of the individual offices and instructions for the use of the various materials and devices are displayed in the premises.

Moreover, all personnel have been given the opportunity to carry out regular serological tests, as well as swab tests in case of at-risk contacts.

A special group has been set up to deal with the various needs of employees, companies and suppliers that uses of a dedicated WhatsApp channel for emergency information. By adopting this approach, work activities, including those of works management and those for tenders, continue regularly and safely, in compliance with the calendar shared with the European Union and with the regulations implemented in Italy and France for the Coronavirus health emergency.

A series of actions have also been implemented to respond to the changes in work organisation as a result of the Covid emergency and to establish a direct and continuous link with TELT’s employees and main contacts, through regular updates. The aim is to inform,