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Students’ climate awakening with the Lyon-Turin

For this 2022 edition of the Science Festival dedicated to “climate awakening“, TELT organised workshops for young students to discover the compensatory measures implemented around the construction sites in Maurienne. Ninety pupils from the middle school of Saint-Etienne-de-Cuines went to Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne, to a site called Le Châne, to discover the monitoring and water collection operations near a spring.

The children were able to try out the instruments used to measure the flow rate, temperature and conductivity of springs to better understand how these measurements are made and thus address the issue of water conservation and the hydrogeological functioning of springs. Another workshop was organised in the hamlet of Thyl, where participants learned about the compensatory agricultural and animal husbandry measures for the restoration of farmers’ lots of land, with a visit to the projects for ecological restoration, water supply and agricultural work. The workshop provided an opportunity to address the issue of the links between agricultural and pastoral activities and the richness of biodiversity, to assess the useful actions for favouring certain species and the principles and precautions to be observed in order to implement these actions.

Finally, on Sunday 16 October, TELT was present with a stand in the Chambéry science village, where young participants were able to immerse themselves in the Lyon-Turin construction sites thanks to virtual reality headsets.

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