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TELT at WORK - n. 4 2021
TELT at WORK - n. 4 2021

Rail infrastructure as a sustainability paradigm: TELT at WORK 4 is now online

The new edition of the video magazine created by TELT to report on the development of the cross-border section of the Lyon-Turin line addresses a number of key issues: How does sustainability work at TELT? How does a binational organisation work? How to network at European level and promote innovation?

The Zoom column opens by recalling the central role of the ecological transition, the challenge to which we must all commit now, as set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

French economist Gaël Giraud, Director of the Centre for Environmental Justice at Georgetown University in Washington, believes that rethinking mobility implies a total reorganisation of the territory:

Green mobility, and in particular rail mobility, is one of the four pillars of the ecological transition. […] If we manage to intelligently combine small local lines with big ones, it would be very satisfying. I am not sure there is enough budget to do it, but if we had the funds and the political will for both, it would certainly be very positive.

Economist Giuseppe Russo, Director of Centro Einaudi in Turin, replies remotely, explaining why investing in infrastructure has a positive effect on the economy:

Investments can be made on infrastructures at any time, regardless of the current economic trend. […] When two cities of com