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Mission S (Safety) is TELT’s strategy for workplace safety at the construction sites of the Lyon-Turin railway line aimed at reducing accidents and reaching zero mortality. The starting point is that safety is a responsibility shared among all the stakeholders involved and that the lessons learned even from the smallest accident are crucial to prevent accidents in the future in a virtuous circle that tends constantly to zero.

As part of this mission, TELT is committed to ensuring high safety standards at construction sites by involving companies and workers in an ambitious programme, aware of the relevance of this issue in a complex project such as the Mont Cenis base tunnel.


We believe that maximum unity is essential to maximum safety. The commitment of Mission-S ties France and Italy, contractors and companies, managers and workers of all nationalities under a single vision, operational and regulatory. It's a question of coordination and strong integration in a complex scenario, but first and foremost of a collective mindset. Safety must be the horizon shared by every member of the entire organisation.


As innovative as excavation and building technologies are, so must be safety measures. On our sites, we use advanced systems, from people detection and motion sensors to emergency measures. In choosing who we work with, the criterion is to go beyond conventional proposals. Mission-S innovates in regulations, monitoring and tools to raise awareness.


Mission-S stands out for the degree of attention paid to each activity. We are meticulous on construction sites as well as in office. When it comes to safety, we verify everithing: the environmental parameters, compliance with procedures and causes of incidents. We are also very demanding, first of all ourselves — and we encourage everyone to be equally rigorous. We know that structure and preciseness are the foundation for working safely.


Being aware of the risks is everything in this profession. Preparing for work, exchanging experiences, communicating between teams and companies: Mission-S promotes training and dialogue at every level. We continue to learn and stay up to date. We consult with trade unions and other organisations in the industry; we want to share what we have achieved and the new developments in our approach. Transparency strengthens our commitment.


Feeling like an active part of a big project and responsible for a communal goal: building the longest tunnel in the world and doing it with minimum risk for the people concerned. Mission-S was born to involve. Together, we work at the excavation face, on construction works and on roads. We are professionals, and we are aware that our choices are crucial.


Underground construction is an exacting job, both physically and mentally. Mission-S seeks to make the work of men and women safe and manageable. A well-organised environment is a health-conscious environment. The profound meaning of our programme is to take care of people. Our actions concern their living conditions - both on and off the worksite.


We established Mission-S because we are not willing to settle with the status quo. We want to elevate security standards and invest in knowledge and technology together with companies. We want to make a difference in results, not just in words. On our worksites, we nurture a culture based on being present, on personal responsibility and collective commitment. Our mission is safety for and thanks to everyone.

News from Mission-S

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