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TELT receives the 2017 Finance Award for the best tender management digital system

The Ariane platform cuts contractual approval times by 25 %

During the CFO Summit held in Milan, TELT received the 2017 Business International Finance Award for its excellence in the field of financial processes, specifically for the digital system it developed to manage the public tender procedure above the European threshold: €418,000 for the provision of services, €5,225,000 for works.
The platform, named Arianna after the Greek mythological character (Ariadne) who gave Theseus the ball of thread which helped him to find his way out of the labyrinth, won in the “administrative and financial processes” (SMEs) category, as an innovative integrated system assisting the AFC area with the management of all tenders, while monitoring timing, documentation and status in real time, with a significant impact on administrative and financial processes.
The two-day meeting, which was held in Milan on 7 and 8 June, is a key event for the community of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to discuss ideas, best practices, success stories and analyse new trends and the future scenarios concerning CFO’s tasks in the light of the 4.0 revolution.

Ariane solution

Arianna is a platform that helps the company not to lose the famous thread and to comply with the procedure’s guideline, which comprises up to 37 internal steps. It is used to manage the tenders for the construction of the Moncenisio base tunnel.
This platform is already running and, through the company’s intranet, manages the approval work-flow of all tenders, cutting contractual approval times by more than 25%. This is a vital step for TELT which offers several advantages.
Specifically, it enables the company to monitor and understand the progress of the tender and the stage it has reached, at any time. Furthermore, all tender-related documents can be scanned and immediately made available on line, thereby creating an electronic library in real time, improving the interaction and management between the various departments involved. Tenders can be monitored at different levels.
Finally, the end of each procedural step bears a certified, certain date as well as clear and accurate monitoring of the expected “target date” set out in the Grant Agreement.

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