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Innovation 4 Change, 60 talents present 10 sustainable challenges

On 27 June, the ten projects on the challenges set by companies and partner institutions, developed by 60 young European talents under 30 years of age, will be unveiled during the 7th edition of Innovation 4 Change (I4C) at Castello del Valentino in Turin. I4C is the impact innovation programme promoted by the Agnelli Foundation of Turin, Arduino, Scuola Holden and Green Pea.

I4C, which is the result of a collaboration between Collège des Ingénieurs Italy, Politecnico di Torino and IdeaSquare – CERN‘s experimental innovation department – aims to propose solutions capable of innovating the processes, strategies and tools of players in various production sectors, with a common denominator: the solutions developed have to comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG goals).

TELT has contributed with the “case of the Lyon-Turin line” for the tender management and is among the organisations that have set the challenges together with Rai Way, Movyon, Grimaldi Group, CNHi, UNICRI, DSM, Snam, Ferrovie dello Stato and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.

The 60 students selected from the Master in Business Administration (MBA) of the Collège des Ingénieurs Italy, the best universities in Europe and Scuola Holden, have worked for five months developing prototypes ready to become start-ups, as has already happened for some projects in past editions.

TELT’s mission – build and manage one of the central hubs of the European TEN-T network – proves to be a fertile land to develop international projects capable of generating positive impacts on the different industries involved in all the different construction phases of the project.

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