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Since January 2019, work has been underway on the transitional multimodal hub that will substitute the current station until the connection to the existing railway line by the new base tunnel on the Lyon-Turin line.

In order to support travelers and keep the bus and train stations working during the works, TELT and SNCF Réseau will create a transitory multimodel interchange hub which will be operational until 2021, and will facilitate connections with the other transport systems.

Multimodal pole

The construction will comprise a bus station, a building for passengers with counters and a waiting room, car and bike parking spaces, urban bus stops, a dedicated taxi rank and new points of access to the railway station platforms.

Subsequently, the provisional station will become the new definitive international station by 2030.

Data key

2019-2022: duration of the construction site

2022-2027: temporary setting

2030: inauguration of the international station

200.000 cubic meters of filling materials

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