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copertina libro Iacopo Faggiani
copertina libro Iacopo Faggiani

A book to talk about TELT benchmarking

TELT’s pursuit of excellence through continuous benchmarking with international realities in every area of its activities is illustrated in a book published by McGrawh Hill. “Catch the wind”, written by TELT’s Head of Benchmarking, Iacopo Faggiani, traces the main issues faced, the networks of contacts and the international partnerships developed, including those with CERN, ENI, Société du Grand Paris, BBT, etc. In line with this spirit of excellence, TELT, in the context of its activities for the construction of the new Lyon-Turin railway line, has been acting since its foundation to create a network of international, open and multisectoral relations to stimulate the exchange of skills, techniques and experiences among operators in the sector, to share visions, and ensure the transparency of its activities towards the community.

The philosophy that inspires the benchmarking activities covered in the 108 pages of the book takes the form of meetings between companies and institutions, exchanges of expertise and discussions among different people and professions, which can become catalysts for innovation. This philosophy can be summarised in 3 points:

  • getting to know one’s own operations;
  • getting to know leading international organisations;
  • incorporating the finest of best practices collected in Europe.

Collaboration and Innovation have always been at the core of TELT’s activities. Constructing large infrastructure works is in fact a collaborative endeavour by definition, requiring the interaction of multiple institutions, companies, and professionals. In addition, major works are complex, long-term projects for which continuous updating of practices and techniques to the best state of the art available on the market is necessary. Benchmarking thus makes TELT a participant in the growth and improvement of the entire transport and construction sector on the European scene.

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